Herb Tea Blending Workshops

11th November 2017
Worthing, West Sussex

herb tea blending workshop

Come and learn about Herb Tea blending and make some beautiful organic herb tea’s to take home!

This is a really fun workshop, and ideal to get you inspired to use herbs as teas, or if you already do drink herb teas, it will encourage you to make your own therapeutic and tasty blends.

You will make 3 blends using 9 herbs and then will choose your own blend or single herb to make into a Tea.

Andrea will teach you about the uses and actions for each herb, show you pictures for identification, speak about harvesting, drying and collection of herbs as well as preparation for infusions and decoctions. ( Teas)

The Workshop will run for 3 hours and is charged at £35 per person, including the herbs to take home.

To book please use the calender below. Be sure to choose the correct date – 11th November 2017.

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