Winter Medicine Workshop 2019

Event: Winter Medicine Workshop 2019, Saturday November 9th 2019

As the Earth moves further from the sun here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days become shorter, the air colder and as we lose the vitality of the warmer seasons, we notice our bodies demands for nourishment and care increases.

Freshly made Master Tonic!

We notice that there are more people with coughs, sore throats, we hear more sneezing and sniffing going on around us and know that we are in the season of colds n flu – especially when we see the banners for ‘the flu jab’ going up outside the G.P surgeries and in the Pharmacy windows!

There is a lot you can do to prepare for the season, and many herbal allies you can call upon to help with symptoms if you do happen to come down with a leurgy.

The Workshop will focus on:

  • Important lifestyle approaches including diet, sleep and hygiene that can help keep our defences strong and see us through the winter – healthy
  • Learning to use and make Herbal Medicine preparations specifically tailored to supporting the immune system and treating those winter bugs
  • Which Nutritional Supplements you can use to see you through the Winter and which ones to use to treat those bugs and which ones for strengthening your system for prevention.
  • Take home with you the Winter Medicine Chest that you make on the day which includes:
  • Elderberry Elixir
  • Master Tonic ( as good as it sounds)
  • A natural hand sanitiser
  • Cold and ‘flu tea blend
  • Herbal infused oil/Essential Oil Salve for use as a chest rub for coughs and congestion.

Date: Saturday November 9th 2019
Location: Worthing, West Sussex
Cost: £65 per person, including the herbs to take home and handouts emailed to you.

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