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Blood Test Order Page

sample blood vials ready for lab testing

I have undergone training in the Functional Medicine and Nutritional interpretation of blood tests and often find such extra tests can highlight underlying causes to symptoms and be of great help in our work together and where really necessary or prudent.

Here you will find a selection of Medical Tests that you can order yourself. If you are working with me then I will have already given you recommendations.

I work with a wonderful Nurse (Rosemary) who can/will visit you in the comfort of your own home for a small charge, so please remember to purchase the kit for private venous collection if that is the case.

The results will come straight to you so please save them as a PDF and send them to me before your next appointment for review.

If you are not working with me

You can still order the tests but bear in mind that tests are a guide and are best assessed in conjunction with presenting symptoms. If you are not working with me and do wish to order any tests, you will need to either collect the blood from your fingertip or arrange your own private blood draw.

A good Practitioner will always treat the person not the test results which is why I do not give advice on any tests without a consultation.

Medichecks have supplied me with a discount code for your use: sussexherbalist10

Please click on the test name to order

Health & Lifestyle Check

Vitamin D

Active Vitamin B12

Thyroid Test Basic ( TSH, FT3 FT4)

Thyroid Test with Antibodies

Advanced Thyroid Test

Nutrition profile ( Magnesium, Vitamin D, Active B12, Ferritin, Inflammatory marker)

Iron Studies Test

Full Blood Count

Diabetes check (HbA1c)

Advanced Well Man blood test

Advanced Well Woman blood test

Allergy Screen (Total IgE)