I want to shout from the roof tops – I am SO MUCH BETTER
I have worked with Andrea for  a few years on fibroids, adrenal weakness and for the past 3 years on an autoimmune thyroid  condition, from which point I embarked on both a huge change to my diet as well as taking herbs and supplements.
I was VERY debilitated, unable to work at all, pacing myself through the day with a lot of rest alongside feeling utterly dreadful for days on end.

I have made slow progress and improvements as well as some times of stagnation but  always going in the right direction.
When I left last week I just wanted to tell the world, I am alive again.
I have energy that I can rely on, I can arrange to do things, go places!
I am so pleased that I did that google search for Herbalist Sussex ! I can’t say a big enough thank you