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Andrea is in Clinic offering Consultations Monday – Friday, between 9:30am – 2:30pm.

Check the Calender below for available days, select the appointment type (initial, follow up etc), then the available date of your choice, choose your time and submit the form. You will then receive confirmation of your appointment via email as well as a reminder 24hrs before the date.

Initial Consultation (first visit)

Your Initial Consultation will last for 1½ hours including dispensing and is charged at £60.

There will be an assessment of your presenting problems as well as an in-depth look at your Medical History, and Family Medical History using the Functional Medicine Model in order to discover the underlying cause of your health issues.

After your appointment Andrea will provide you with a full report together with a treatment plan to include any Functional Medicine Testing that has been discussed/recommended during your Consultation.

You will also receive dietary advice and if needed will be emailed a complete food plan. Once you have booked your appointment you will receive a confirmation email as well as a simple questionnaire to complete and bring with you.

Please also bring:

  • Your prescribed medications, as well as any non prescribed medications (including supplements etc)
  • A urine sample (a small clean screw top jar is excellent)
  • A 5 day food diary ( just jot down everything you eat for a typical 5 days)
  • If you have recently had any test results, please ask your Surgery for a printed copy to bring
    they can be immensely useful, so bring those along too.

Follow Up Consultations (subsequent visits)

Follow up Consultations are for 1 hour including dispensing and is charged at £40.

Andrea will check on your progress and maybe look at certain aspects in greater detail, especially if you have many conditions that need treating simultaneously.

Please also bring:

  • If you have any recent test results, please bring those along too.

Follow up consultations are usually between 3-4 weeks from the first initial consultation, or longer if suggested. You will have mutually agreed an appropriate time scale already.

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