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Meet the Herbalist

Andrea Hughes Medical Herbalist at Herba Medica

Andrea graduated from the respected College of Phytotherapy (University of Wales) in 2003 with an Honours Degree in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) and is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, as well as the Institute of Functional Medicine.


I have been in practice as a Herbalist since 2003 and in 2015 began to implement the principles of Functional Medicine into my work.

In 1997  I qualified as Holistic & Clinical Aromatherapist with The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.
To this day I continue to create wonderful healing blends of Essential oils, which I have found a way of using in a  Functional Medicine Systems based method.

Whilst studying for my degree in Herbal Medicine, I worked as a dispensary technician at Ainsworth’s Homoeopathic Pharmacy and was involved in the manufacture of both Homoeopathic Medicines and Bach Flower Essences. I also studied with Julian Barnard of Healing Herbs in Bach Flower Essences and continue to integrate flower essences into my practice where they are appropriate..

I have completed training with The Institute of Functional Medicine which is the leading provider of Education and Training in Functional Medicine.

I am a graduate of the AFMCP intensive course in London -2015 and have completed the following Advanced Practice Modules which are in depth clinical and evidence based training modules focusing on systems of the body:


I have undertaken the Practitioner Training in understanding and treating SIBO with Dr Allison Siebecker.

I have studied with Dr.Kurt Woeller at The Integrative Medicine Academy.

I am also expanding my knowledge of Nutri Genomics which is the study of the effects of food and food constituents on gene expression, and how genetic variations affect the nutritional environment and continue to update my knowledge both through  Functional and Herbal Medicine courses and seminars.

As well as consultations I offer seminars and workshops in Herbal Medicine.


On a personal note, I live in Worthing, West Sussex with my husband and our 2 boys and 2 Dogs.
The boy’s are growing up now but I am pleased to say that they are still (mostly) compliant in taking their herbs when needed.

I am also an obsessive swimmer and lover of water in all it’s forms!

Before I became a Herbalist I was a Horse Rider and Trainer until an accident left me in chronic pain. My path to healing came via Osteopathy, Reflexology, Essential Oils and Herbs – hence the realisation of my vocation – to train as a Western Medical Herbalist. I saw my first patient the day after receiving my insurance to practice and have been in practice ever since.

Since 2012 I have run my practice from tranquil premises in Tarring, Worthing West Sussex.
(The Clinic and Dispensary ‘Herba Medica’)
I am there Monday to Friday Consulting and dispensing Herbal Medicines. Please note I work by appointment only so my door is often locked.

Please do contact me if there are any questions you have that you have not been able to find answers to on this website, but please give me time to reply as most days are very busy.

I look forward to working with you.

Warm wishes in health and healing,