PMDD and Periods

Andrea was recommended to me as I have been struggling with PMDD since I was a teenager. I have been to my GP about my periods since I was 15, even speaking to a Gynecologist. There was absolutely no help and I felt so hopeless that I would experience PMDD forever.

Andra recommended doing a DNA test for neurotransmitter pathways, as well as  vitamin tests and from the results, we could see what I needed and why I was experiencing the symptoms that were happening around my period.

After a couple of months of taking Andrea’s herbs and supplements, the changes in my body and myself are so different and I cannot thank her enough! She has really given me hope.

My periods are more manageable and overall mental health has improved as a result of Andrea and her herbs, which I am forever grateful for.

Andrea is absolutely lovely and very understanding with such a knowledge of gut health and hormones. I would recommend 100% and I wish I saw her sooner.