Autoimmune Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am currently on day 6 of the Diet and it’s working! Unbelievably for me I am sticking to it, especially given my inner rebel and sceptic!

I had a rocky start but then really knuckled down and have 100% stuck to it and the pains in my fingers and toes have almost totally gone!
My body no longer feels like i have permanently been hit by a bus, full of aches and pains. The mornings are most significant in that normally, before the diet I had to lever myself out of bed as if I was a lump of lead and then hobble down the stairs clinging onto the rail and then spend an hour trying to get myself awake enough to function. Its only now that I’m starting to feel better that I realise how awful and debilitated I have been feeling for so long. I honestly feel that if you hadn’t sent me details of the Autoimmune Protocol I would be heading toward a total breakdown.

Thank you so much Andrea for supporting me with all of this.