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The Consultation

How long does Herbal treatment continue for?

Most people report a shift in their symptoms and an improvement in their health after 4-6 weeks of taking Herbal Medicine.

However, as individual as you are, your response to the medicine is also individual, thus the amount of time you will work with a Medical Herbalist will also vary from person to person.

Herbal Medicine is not a quick fix, Herbs do not work in the same way as orthodox drugs.

They are powerful medicines which need to be respected, but at the same time they assist the body by initiating its own self healing mechanism, and reinstating health.

Most conditions did not appear overnight, therefore it makes sense that in some cases patience and time are required.

However the general response to Herbal Medicine is positive.

If a Medical Herbalist feels that you would benefit more from treatment from another practitioner or your GP, they will always refer you.

What happens during a Consultation?

The initial consultation with Andrea lasts for up to an hour and a half.

When booking your appointment you will be asked to bring a list of your prescribed and non prescribed medications together with a urine sample.

During your first visit you will discuss the main reason you sought Andrea’s advice and the condition(s) will be looked at and discussed in detail.

Andrea will take a full medical history from you which includes your family history of illness as well as your own past medical history and questions pertaining to your general state of health and well being.

You will also discuss your diet and lifestyle.

This information helps Andrea to identify the problem, how it begun and its possible causes, as well as giving her a clear picture of you as an individual person, rather than just as a person with a condition which needs help.

As Medical Herbalists are trained in conventional medical examination procedures, Andrea may give you a physical examination if appropriate to do so.

Andrea will always undertake simple diagnostic procedures during the first visit and will check your Blood Pressure and perform a urinalysis.

Most people are surprised at the depth of the first consultation and compare this with visiting their Doctor who only has 5-10 minutes to give and will only consider one condition per consultation.

A Medical Herbalist has time for you and all information is relevant and important, sometimes just being able to talk about our health and have somebody with an understanding of Medicine as well as an empathic ear helps us to feel better as we take our first steps on the road to health and well being.

Follow up consultations.

The next visit is usually between 3-4 weeks from the first and usually lasts for an hour including dispensing time.

Andrea will check on your progress and maybe look at certain aspects in greater detail, especially if you have many conditions that need treating simultaneously.

Most people find that they are responding to the Medicine and experience an improvement in their symptoms.

Andrea may adjust your prescription to reflect your needs or she may continue to prescribe the same mix of herbs.