Fees & Costs

Initial Consultation

£65 – 1½ hours including dispensing time
* £80 – 1½ hours including dispensing time

Follow up Consultation(s)

£45 – 1 hour including dispensing time.
* £55 – 1 hour including dispensing time

* V.A.T from the 14th September 2020

Due to the requirement for VAT registration I must unfortunately add the additional VAT to all services and products offered at the current rate, but I am endeavouring to absorb these extra costs for the period shown to ease the transition to my clients.

Ongoing Costs?

Herbal Medicine costs:
Tinctures are priced at £8.00 for 100mls (* £9.60 per 100mls).
Typically a prescription is given in 4 week batches between 100ml-140ml per week depending on each person’s requirements.

Herb Tea’s are £5 per 100g (* £7.50 per 100g).
Capsules typically are £8 per 100 capsules (* £9.60 per 100 capsules). These prices may vary depending on the herb.

Nutritional Supplements may be prescribed/recommended and usually are purchased by the patient from specialist companies that I recommend.
The suppliers I use offer a discount for practitioners, which we can give to  our patients if they order direct.
I always pass on discounts.

Please see the Consultation page for an explanation of what to expect and details of how long you might expect the treatment(s) to continue for.

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