Sjögren’s Syndrome

I’ve lost count of the different specialists who have tried to help me alleviate the varied symptoms of Sjögren’s Syndrome – and the accompanying pain and discomfort.
Relief from it all came only if one accepted unwelcome side effects from prescription pain killers, whose effectiveness diminished over time. Seeing Andrea has enabled me to change all that. Her methodical approach, drawing on a mix of hard science and ancient lore, has been holistic in the sense that she treated me, not my illness.

I was no longer being treated as one more Sjögren’s sufferer, but someone who also had very specific vitamin deficiencies (discovered for the first time in spite of folders of medical tests results collected over the years), and functional inabilities to derive benefit from an already healthy diet.

Andrea’s elimination diet (I discovered that too much cheese and too many sweet things were physically hurting me – and causing me light and sound intolerances), the resulting tweaks to my diet and a change of daily vitamins – all these have given me back what I lost when this first started.

The results have been so much more than I expected. Plus the process of getting to the bottom of this has been a pleasure. Andrea listens so much more than most doctors one sees, explains like an ideal teacher and operates with more grace and kindness than one could distill from a typical hospital.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. Oh, and I am now off the heavy painkillers I used to be prescribed.

Thank you, Andrea. Thank you.