Spring Renewal Workshop 2020

Spring Renewal Workshop
– Spring Equinox on Saturday 21 March 2020

Spring is a time of new growth and new birth which is reflected within our own lives and bodily cycles as well as being observed in Nature.

I do not believe that our bodies need harsh detox regimes, with strict diets leaving us starving and unhappy and mad exercise routines leaving us exhausted!

Instead I believe that gentle herbs, good clean food and exercise to stimulate our own natural detox pathways are just what the body and mind needs!

This year I am teaming up with the wonderful Yoga teacher and Massage Practitioner Kim Noyce where together we will bring you a Workshop to ease your way into Spring Renewal.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Springtime is ruled by the Wood Element which represents renewal and forward movement.

The Wood Element is associated with the Liver and governs the tendons and ligaments.

The Workshop will include:

  • Recognising signs that your elimination pathways are not functioning at their optimum capacity.
  • Recognising lifestyle sources of toxicity and how to reduce your exposure
  • Learning to use and make Herbal Medicine juices, infusions and and a tincture specifically to promote good elimination via Liver, Kidney and Lymphatic systems.
  • Learn about the ancient practice of (the now scientifically proven to be beneficial) Smudging.
  • Make your own aura and room spray from aromatic waters, essential oils and flower essences.
  • Enjoy  a 90 minute Yoga Session with a Meditation and self Massage techniques to stimulate the flow of lymph and to stretch tendons and ligaments.

Date: Spring Equinox 2020 – Saturday 21st March 2020
Location: Worthing, West Sussex
Cost: £80 per person, including the herbs to take home and handouts emailed to you.

Please use the booking system below, you will receive a confirmation and payment instructions once I have received your booking.

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