Help with ME/CFS

Went to see Andrea for a consultation again yesterday. I suffer from ME, and since she has helped me in the past to feel improvement, after going through a rough patch with it recently I turned to her for some help.
She gave me a lot of helpful advice and also set me up with some herbal medicine and different vitamin supplements, specifically for my needs and to help support my health.
Well, last night I took two of the Withania capsules before bed as she suggested and used some relaxation and breathing techniques to help me relax as I struggle with getting a good nights sleep. It certainly worked! I slept soundly (and not restlessly like usual) all night until my alarm this morning, and I think that has been the best nights sleep I have had in forever.
I am so impressed and grateful to Andrea, and thankful I went back to her. I look forward to seeing further improvement as I continue.